24 inch tall vinyl dolls

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Halloween Doll, Bewitching Magic, 24 inch Tall in Porcelain
Sep 21, 2011 . Wen also have Halloween Witch Dolls and more. . “Bewitching Magic” is 24 inches from head to toe and comes with accessories shown, .

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Daddy's Little Sweetheart baby doll is 24 inches tall, crafted in our very own Caressalyn™ vinyl and comes with accessories shown, a numbered Certificate of .


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Just Me Dolls - History of Patsy Dolls - PrillyCharmin.com Dolly Stories
Patsy was made in many sizes, 5" small to 24" large and many sizes in between. The Patsy Jr doll was 11 inches tall. Patsyette was 9 inches tall. Larger dolls .