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Online Conversion - Common Length Conversions
Welcome to Common Length and Distance Conversions. You do not have JavaScript enabled. The conversions on this site require the .

Metric Conversion Table
Metric Conversion Table. Inches. Millimeters. 0. 0.0000. 1/128. 0.1984. 1/64 . Inches Millimeters Inches Millimeters Inches Millimeters Inches Millimeters Inches . 8. 203.200. 10. 254.001. 12. 304.801 oz-in lb-in lb-ft g-cm kg-cm kg-m. mN-m .

Convert mm to inches - conversion calculator conversion calculator will allow you to easily convert from metric system to US system (mm to inches) as well as from US system to metric .


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Conversion Tables
Millimeters. INCHES MEASUREMENT CONVERSION CHART . mm Hg x .039 = Inches Hg. Bar x 14.5 = PSI . Cubic Centimeters x .0338 = Fluid Ounces .