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Phillips Petroleum Company
The Phillips Petroleum Company, Bartlesville, Oklahoma, was presented this award . "stupid balls" -- small, red plastic balls that, instead of bouncing, adhere to .

PDF Version - Phillips Petroleum Company Museum
Welcome to the Phillips Petroleum Company Museum and to curriculum . events in the history of Phillips Petroleum Company. . Red and white colors .

House Flags of U.S. Shipping Companies: Ph
Jun 10, 2011 . The flag was red with a black anchor set diagonally and a black . Phillips Petroleum was founded in 1917 by two brothers who had hit their first .


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      Red Adair - Résumé | Facebook
      Red was further recognized as the pioneer of the Semi-Submersible Firefighting vessels and was instrumental in the design of the Phillips Petroleum Company's .

      Plaintiffs constitute a class of former employees of the Phillips Petroleum Company (“the Company”). The class consists of members of collective bargaining .

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      Phillips 66 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Predecessor(s), Phillips Petroleum Company . In 1959, Phillips introduced a revised version of the shield in red, white and black, a color scheme still used by .

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      Ol / Gas Stocks & Bonds (Page 7) -
      . Transportation, Utilities / Power / Water, Others (Lots More!!!) Home > Oil / Gas > Page 7 (Northwest Pipeline Corporation - Phillips Petroleum Company) .

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ConocoPhillips - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Phillips Petroleum Company. Founded, August 30 . The acquisition gave Conoco the red bar-and-triangle logo previously used by Marland. Conoco used the .