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Series I vs. EE Savings Bonds: What's the Difference?
May 10, 2010 . Treasury Confirms May 2012 Series I Savings Bond Rate . Yeah, the double- face value of the EE paper bonds is nothing more than a marking .

Know rate before cashing savings bond
Jan 15, 2010 . The oldest of your bonds still has another 10 years until final maturity. Series EE savings bonds are guaranteed to double in value in 20 years.


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      Double your money -- in 20 years -- with EE bonds (Page 1 of 2)
      Dec 12, 2005. choices, the government's inflation-fighting I bond or the series EE, a fixed-rate bond that Uncle Sam promises will double in value in 20 years.

      What to do with old savings bonds
      Mar 27, 2007 . A savings bond earning 3.5 percent interest will double in value in approximately 20 years. Series E bonds earn interest and mature in different .

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      Series E bond - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Series E U.S. Savings Bonds were marketed by the United States government as war bonds from 1941 to 1980. Those issued from 1941 to November 1965 .

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      EE Savings Bonds - Series EE Savings Bond Info - Maturity - Rates ...
      The Treasury Department guarantees that new issues of Series EE Savings Bonds will double in value by 20 years from the issue date. This is referred to as the .

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Value of EE Series Bonds |
All Series EE bonds are guaranteed to at least double in value in 20 years. If the interest is not enough to double the bond, at the 20 point, a one-time adjustment .